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6 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Written by Makis Instagram

It happens to the best of us. We start out full-speed ahead in our social media marketing, only to hit a point when our growth numbers start to dwindle. When this happens, it’s easy to become discouraged and subsequently scale back your efforts. Before you abandon ship, we’d like to throw you a lifeline. Let’s start by going over 6 creative strategies to start accelerating your growth on Instagram.

Link with Facebook

The key to greater growth on Instagram is increased exposure for your brand. Linking your Facebook account with your Instagram will allow you to cross promote. It’s also a great way to garner engagement, since you’ll be able to share fan photos from Instagram to Facebook.

Share the Love

Instagram is a social media platform, so don’t forget this important aspect. Spend some time locating and following other users and remember to like and comment on their photos from time to time. This builds relationships that will have the potential to become mutually beneficial down the road.

Make it Simple

The easier it is for people to connect with your Instagram account, the more likely they’ll be to do it, so make it as simple as possible. Include an Instagram badge or “Follow Me” widget on your website and in various other places where you’re active online.


Embed Images in Your Content

A strategically embedded image in a blog post that links back to Instagram can do wonders for enticing people to follow you. As a bonus, when a picture or video is embedded, it will automatically include your Instagram username so whenever that content is shared, it’ll still track back to you.

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Tap into Your Competitor’s Followers

Who better to target than those who are already interested in your product or service (albeit, from one or more of your competitors). Do some competitive analysis and engage some of your rivals’ fans. Not only will those new followers you gain through this method boost your numbers, but they’ll also be more likely to convert. (Of course, we always recommend doing this carefully, professionally and respectfully.)

Hashtag culture

The quickest and most effective way to get your content found on Instagram is to use hashtags, but not just any old hashtag. You want to spend some time figuring out what terms are most popular and trending amongst the users you’re targeting. Then, develop content around those things.

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