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6 Cool Things You Can Do With Facebook Custom Audiences

Written by Makis

In the world of Facebook advertising, the powerful Facebook Custom Audiences are easily our favourite product. We’ve recently had quite a few people ask us what they are, how to use them and make the most of them, so we’ve put together this very quick guide on Facebook Custom Audiences. Simply put, Custom Audiences are lists of people who are already part of your audience (your current customers/users, past purchasers, high value customers, loyalty programme members, warm leads, etc). Using Custom Audiences, you can find them on Facebook and communicate/engage with them using this channel. People check Facebook upto 15x a day using multiple devices (especially mobile!!) so it is most definitely a channel that shouldn’t be ignored.
So here are a few things you can do with Custom Audiences:

1. Lead customers down the sales funnel

Custom Audiences are great to reach people at the right time in their customer journey and lifecycle. Did someone create an account, add items to cart and not buy anything? Maybe show them an ad with a 10% discount on their first purchase. Have they bought a winter coat?Perhaps you have some cool winter accessories that go well with that coat. Are they loyal customers? Maybe they won't mind referring you to a friend and getting a discount from their favourite store!

There are countless things you can do with this - map out your funnel, segment your users and see how Facebook ads can complement your messaging at each stage.

2. Retarget visitors to your website

Using Website Custom Audiences, you can easily retarget visitors to your website - whether they have just visited a certain page or product and left, or they have added items to the cart or a wishlist and not purchased them - or many other actions. In order to use Website Custom Audiences you will need to install the Custom Audience Pixel (a snippet of code) on your website and customise the code to track what you want - page load, video watched, button clicked, just be creative!

3. Reach users/customers who don’t open your emails

So some of your customers can’t be bothered to read what you have to say? Then show it to them. Choose a nice image, pick the key message you want them to remember (has to be something good) and go for it. Use a Custom Audience with those email addresses to target some specific ads to these customers.

4. Recover lost users

Your breakup with your customers doesn't have to be permanent: sometimes things don’t work out, but people change! If you have some great news about your product, and think it might bring some people back, then share it with them!

5. Find more customers like your best ones

Use a Custom Audience of your high-converting, high LTV, loyal customers to create Lookalike Audiences and find Facebook users who are similar to them. This will allow you to reach a whole new pool of people who are likely to be interested in your product/service. Lookalike Audiences are very powerful for eCommerce businesses.

6. Find out more about your customers

You can use Facebook Audience Insights (still being rolled out across some countries) to find out more about your customers, subscribers, people in your Custom Audiences - demographic information, lifestyle and interests, online purchase behaviour etc.

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