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How Businesses Should Utilize Social Media

Written by George

If your business isn’t capitalizing on the massive viral platform of social media, it’s time to change it up and seize this incredible opportunity to boost your company’s ROI. Social media has been an angel sent from the kingdom of cash flow because it truly generates some of the greatest returns on investment. And with technology supporting our increasingly mobile lifestyles, you can run a business leveraging the tools at your fingertips to benefit financial wealth. Here are just a handful of ways you should be using social media and technology for your business.

Advertise on Social Media

We now live in a world where targeting customers has never been easier thanks to the World Wide Web and data analytics. One of the most fruitful places to advertise is on social media. This includes targeted ads on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter, Snapchat videos for your demographic, or even better, a combination of cross platform advertising. Social media consumption has skyrocketed over the past few years, so why not advertise where the eyeballs (and wallets) are? Plus, ad dollars won’t go to waste because you can utilize consumer behavioral data to place digital ads for a relatively low cost compared to other channels.

Provide Customer Service through Digital Platforms

Any business knows the customer is always right and integral to its success. Digital technologies like live chat, emails and social media are channels in which organizations can communicate in real time with their number one users and fans. When a customer tweets an inquiry or complaint, this opens up a huge window of opportunity for a brand to show that it cares, and by providing a quick response or solution back to the customer via that same platform, establishes a relationship built on trust. It’s free to use for the most part and is one of the most effective methods of executing excellent customer service.

Brand Engagement Through Social

Aside from utilizing social media to give great customer service, brands can also use it to engage their followers. Because social is a highly visual and conversational medium, building a brand’s voice and personality through pictures, videos and posts is a strong way to engage an audience and establish strong brand presence. Additionally, social media can be used wisely as a way to encourage participation to increase brand investment.

There are countless ways to leverage the innovative technology and social media platforms we have today in business. Technology and social media has increased accessibility for both consumers and business owners. It’s a powerful tool to invest in and will guarantee a positive return.

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